Sorry Blog

Man, this is the redheaded step child of my blog children. Bless his heart. One of these days I’ll find something cool and musingful to write about here… until then you can check out my other blogs who seem to be my favorites right now. this is my biggest blog (pun intended) and is my humor in the face of fat attempt. I’ve got about 50 pounds extra I’m carrying around and this is my very real struggle to get back to my athletic self. I laugh a lot and I hope you will too. But I’m serious, this is coming off in the next year. Really.

and here you’ll find that I’m reading 52 books this year. I write about social media, cool words, grammar and books and things. Yep, pretty nerdy for sure.

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Write On

When’s the last time you wrote something straight from your heart? I wrote this about 6 years ago, but it came directly, emotionally and effusively from my heart. To this day, when I read this letter, that familiar lump grows in my throat knowing the profound effect the experience had on me. I still donate to Spirit Reins Ranch. I still love the work they do, the people and the amazing horses. I hope this will inspire you to write a letter of your own to someone who makes a difference in this world.
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Words Are So Powerful

I think it’s so fitting that “Mother” Theresa said, “Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless.” Although she never had children of her own, she was a blessing to many. She was so full of kindness, wisdom and love. Moms. Mom’s should be like that.

My mom’s kind words and creativity came to our mailboxes often, but birthday cards were always special. Continue reading

Good Friday Every Week

Sometimes a feeling of overwhelming thankfulness wells up in my chest. Sometimes it catches me off guard, but most of the time it just makes me happy to feel so full of peace. My husband has gotten used to me calling him from the car at random times just to say, “I love you so much sometimes it’s amazing.” He usually laughs and says, “Okay, what did you buy?” And I laugh and say, “Nothing…. yet.” Continue reading

Austin Area Accolades!

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve had some really surprisingly good service from unexpected places. Service that was so good, that my mouth got all watery with the urge to pontificate profusely about the experience!  I admit, that when I like something I go all enthusiastic and drive away having daydreams about how I could “totally market them. They deserve more business.” Geek! Go ahead, it makes me laugh too. Continue reading

A Concrete Obsession

What do you think of when you think of concrete? I see smooth straight lines and pleasing squares and rectangles. I think “modern.” Solid. Beautiful.

I love modern design. I always have. I used to get architecture magazines growing up thinking I would design cool, modern homes someday. That didn’t happen and I won’t indulge my ADD urge to go wandering down the path of why, but suffice it to say it just didn’t.

But still, I yearn for clean lines and hard edges. Continue reading

Adventures of this Wonderful Life

Humpback whale breaching in Glacier Bay. Granny and Brady inside a Redwood Tree. Bryan acting silly in a pub in Portland. Cade catching air on his BMX. The Jackson clan at the Dobie. Cade hiking with Bryan in the Highlands of Scotland. Brady and his soccer buddies. The boys and cousins with little nets at the water trough.  Shiner sleeping on Brady. Bryan and his wee grandpa in Ireland. Kayaking Town Lake at night. Wedding on the beach in Costa Rica. The boys and cousins at the ranch with guns. Little Corn Island hut, Nicaragua. Cade playing lacrosse. Brady playing soccer in England. Papa and the boys with smiles. Fishing in the Laguna with Uncle Billy. Granny and papa dancing at the ranch. My feet and a cold Shiner Bock in front of the fire…

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