Good Friday Every Week

Sometimes a feeling of overwhelming thankfulness wells up in my chest. Sometimes it catches me off guard, but most of the time it just makes me happy to feel so full of peace. My husband has gotten used to me calling him from the car at random times just to say, “I love you so much sometimes it’s amazing.” He usually laughs and says, “Okay, what did you buy?” And I laugh and say, “Nothing…. yet.”

I feel full today. Last night I woke up and worried about “stuff” for about an hour. But today it’s shoved into the far reaches of my mind. I want time and mental space  to feel good about doing good. My Good Friday Every Week page will be my weekly chance to share a “good” deed to be done, or deserving charity.

Once several years ago I read about Micro Loans and how they had helped a family help themselves and an entire village make a living. I don’t remember the exact details of the story as much as I remember how excited and hopeful it made me feel. THAT was something I could do. I could make a difference to people I’d never meet, and my Micro Loan could change or save a life. Well, I never actually followed through, until this week. I found Kiva. It’s a fabulous, easy way to make a loan! I’ve loaned $25 to a woman in Costa Rica who would like to buy chickens to help sustain her family.

Scrolling through the available loans is a humbling experience. There were people who wanted to buy pigs, sustain their coffee plants, buy calves, or buy car parts so they can get to work… and those were just the few I scrolled through in Costa Rica. For $25, I can help a family. The loan will get repaid and appear back in my Kiva account. I can then reinvest it! Genuine Goodness for this Friday.

Be good!


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