A Concrete Obsession

What do you think of when you think of concrete? I see smooth straight lines and pleasing squares and rectangles. I think “modern.” Solid. Beautiful.

I love modern design. I always have. I used to get architecture magazines growing up thinking I would design cool, modern homes someday. That didn’t happen and I won’t indulge my ADD urge to go wandering down the path of why, but suffice it to say it just didn’t.

But still, I yearn for clean lines and hard edges. Admittedly, it’s not normal to have a strange affinity for concrete, but I’m not ashamed. It’s not a thing for large concrete garden apes, or goofy little gnomes, or driveways, but for smooth, cool structures: houses, countertops, floors, fountains, planters and large industrial stepping stones. I’ve been fighting the growing need to get my hands dirty. I want to make cool, beautiful, functional things!

I’m dying to cast an industrial look counter top that incorporates sinks for the second bathroom. I dream of building a reflecting pond like in the mall in Washington, but mine would have tall tanks that pour over into it. One would be deep enough to do some deep water running in! I see cool planters to run along the fence with the neighbors to not only keep our dogs from eating the fence to get at the yappers next door, but to grow bamboo in for greenery and privacy.  I want big, big stepping stones for a walkway, not rocky cement.

It’s a bit bizarre, this concrete obsession, but it’s good clean fun! And it’s do-able.


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