Adventures of this Wonderful Life

Humpback whale breaching in Glacier Bay. Granny and Brady inside a Redwood Tree. Bryan acting silly in a pub in Portland. Cade catching air on his BMX. The Jackson clan at the Dobie. Cade hiking with Bryan in the Highlands of Scotland. Brady and his soccer buddies. The boys and cousins with little nets at the water trough.  Shiner sleeping on Brady. Bryan and his wee grandpa in Ireland. Kayaking Town Lake at night. Wedding on the beach in Costa Rica. The boys and cousins at the ranch with guns. Little Corn Island hut, Nicaragua. Cade playing lacrosse. Brady playing soccer in England. Papa and the boys with smiles. Fishing in the Laguna with Uncle Billy. Granny and papa dancing at the ranch. My feet and a cold Shiner Bock in front of the fire…

This morning as I was sitting in front of my laptop at the breakfast table, my eyes wandered over to the digital frame that sits on our counter. I get sucked in every time I glance in that direction. It’s a source of absolute joy to me. There, ticking by in a lovely random display is my family’s life. My favorite people, animals places and things in living, moving color… how could I not get sucked in every time I look?

Talk about adventures! Who deserves this life? My life?  Really,  how did I actually live this? Do people notice as I walk around every day that my feet just barely reach the ground? Most days, that’s truly the case and I’m grateful to feel so full.

We all have adventures, thankfully and they’re of our own choosing. Yes, some of our adventures are dictated by our economical situations and we just can’t go searching the globe all the time for excitement.  I’ve got friends who get thrills from bargain hunting,  shoe shopping, parenting, sport playing, exploring restaurants, state parks or bird watching. My point is that adventures don’t always seem adventurous at first. Take pictures of your life. Document! Get a digital frame and see how lucky you are. Every day adventures happen all the time.

Bryan and the boys throwing snowballs in Austin. Cade snuggled by 3 dogs. Brady and Cade playing trampoline soccer in the rain. Purple coneflower. Silly striped pink biking socks. Shiner on the trail at Williamson County Park. Cade dressed as an Irish Immigrant complete with brown marker beard. Boys watching soccer at Fado Irish Pub. Bryan playing Gaelic Football. My tennis partner and I with trophy. Sunset.

<happy sigh>


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